About us

The main objective of the OIC-CERT is to assist member countries to develop cyber security capabilities and to strengthen existing capacity through knowledge sharing and experiences. The international collaboration in Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) will also result in economic value creation by being a platform to foster greater trust, long-term friendship and business cooperation among countries. Other than optimising the dissemination of cyber alerts, it would also provide a platform to exchange ideas and expertise and to promote joint development on measures to deal with large-scale cyber security incidents.

The Steering Committee Meeting is a continuous initiative by the OIC-CERT to enhance the collaborative coordination in cyber security and raising awareness through international cooperation among the members and other information security organizations. It also provides an information sharing platform on cyber security issues, enhancement of members’ effectiveness and efficiency through the improvement of the technical and administrative capabilities in incident handling, and a channel to discuss strategic directions and future challenges.

The OIC-CERT Steering Committee Meeting 2016 will be hosted by Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure/Coordination Center (Id-SIRTII/CC). The event will be held on 30 September 2016 at Bali, Indonesia.

The objectives of the OIC-CERT are:

  • Strengthening the relationships amongst CERTs in the OIC member countries;
  • Encouraging experience and information sharing in ICT security;
  • Preventing and reducing cyber-crimes;
  • Cultivating and fostering education and outreach ICT security programs;
  • Promoting collaborative technology research, development and innovation in ICT security fields;
  • Promoting good practices and / or recommendation to help address legal and regulatory issues;and
  • Assisting member countries in establishing National CERTs.

To date, 21 OIC countries is a member of the OIC-CERT. In addition, other membership categories which are not limited to the OIC community are professional members and the commercial members.